Green Onions: A Lesson

They way I homeschool Tiny Smalls is a mixture of “traditional” schooling and unschooling. I’m probably not as traditional as I’d like to imagine, since I was trained as a museum educator and am a believer in inquiry-based learning. We talk a lot. Shoot, we do a lot. But we also go off on tangents and anyone who knows me knows I am all tangential and whatnot.

This afternoon while I was making lunch, we had a conversation about the scallions I was slicing and dicing. Tiny Smalls loves scallions and pretty much all green vegetables, so I consider myself really lucky on that front. As she’s stealing pieces and popping them in her mouth, I told her that scallions are also called green onions and there’s a song about it.

This led to our watching a video of Booker T. and the MG’s, who Tiny Smalls knows vaguely about because her piano teacher went to high school with a few of the cats in the band and he mentions it all the time. 

See what I mean about tangents?

We then bust out my Complete Stax-Volt Singles 1959-1968 and listened to all of the food-titled songs: Green Onions, Burnt Biscuits, Jellybread, Mo’ Onions, you know, the good stuff. Luckily our lunch was cooking because our mid-day soul dance break worked up a serious appetite. 

I believe that education does not stop once you put away the lesson plans. Every moment of the day is a teachable (not preachable, can I get an amen?) moment. And who can’t use a little afternoon groove?