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Part of the story of black music has been this - that losing everything except basic dignity and decency is a potentially survivable disaster. The other part is that staying true to the best in yourself may mean talking in dark, crazed, visionary tongues for a season.
Mark Sinker, “Loving the Alien: Black Science Fiction” The Wire, 1992. (via purposefulthoughts)
Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life.
Robin Sharma (via severs)
in a time of destruction, create something.
maxine hong kingston (via nayyirahwaheed)
When I talked to friends and acquaintances about self-love, I was surprised to see how many of us feel troubled by the notion, as though the very idea implies too much narcissism or selfishness. We all need to rid ourselves of misguided notions about self-love. We need to stop fearfully equating it with self-centredness and selfishness. Self-love is the foundation of our loving practice. Without it our other efforts to love fail. Giving ourselves love we provide our inner being with the opportunity to have unconditional love we may have always longed to receive from someone else…When we give this precious gift to ourselves, we are able to reach out to others from a place of fulfillments and not from a place of lack.
bell hooks, All About Love   (via she-is-king)